Louis Armstrong, Hot 5

Price: $650.00

The original artwork for Armstrong's Hot 5 no longer exists so this is an extra-exciting edition, created from a well-preserved printer's proof in the family archives and uniquely signed by Jim Flora's son Joel. The album was a reissue of 1920s material. The 78 set was part of Columbia's "Hot Jazz Series," for which Flora also designed covers for albums featuring early sides by Gene Krupa, Jimmy Dorsey, Sidney Bechet, Bix & Tram, and Kid Ory. The album was released in 1947 and Joel Flora, the artist's son who signed the prints, was born the same year. Flora was no longer art director when he did this cover. He had been promoted to advertising manager in 1945, and then sales promotion manager before resigning from the company in 1950 and moving to Mexico. The AD in 1947 was Robert M. Jones, a legendary album and book cover designer and art director, who was a friend of Flora from their first meeting in 1945 to RMJ's death in 1992.